wedding-bands-crossCongratulations and thank you for considering St. Andrew’s Presbyterian, Cobourg for your wedding ceremony.

Our intent is to make your wedding both joyous and meaningful.  To help us do this, we have tried to provide answers to as many questions as possible.  Please feel free to ask questions about any matter, either during your meeting with the minister or prior to the wedding.

The wedding ceremony is a service of Christian worship.  Before God and the witnesses present the couple pledges themselves to each other.

Wedding Date

It is recommended that you book your wedding date and time well in advance to ensure availability of the sanctuary. Only ministers of St. Andrew’s may preside at the wedding held on the premises.


The wedding rehearsal is normally held the night before the wedding. Please ensure that you arrive on time for the rehearsal and that all participating members of the wedding are present.

Music – Guidelines for Weddings

The guidelines for music are based on the understanding that church weddings are sacred occasions.  They are services of worship in the presence of God, reflecting the view of life and love as presented in Holy Scripture.  Music must therefore enhance and assist in the deeper understanding of the teachings of Scripture and church, reinforcing the themes and values which are inherent in these sacred rites.

The prospective bride and/or groom should meet with the Director of Music as early as possible in order to choose the appropriate music. It is understood that the Director of Music will play at the wedding unless other arrangements, which have been approved by the Director of Music and officiating Minister, have been made.

If additional vocal and/or instrumental musicians are requested, they should be selected in consultation with the Director of Music.  The Director of Music is responsible for rehearsing with the soloist(s), but not for teaching them the music.  Copies of all music should be provided, in the correct key, by the wedding couple sufficiently in advance.  It is the responsibility of the guest soloist(s) to contact the Director of Music for rehearsal time before the wedding rehearsal.

Regarding the use of popular love songs it should be noted that many of them are not suitable for a service of worship. These songs are best left for the reception part of the wedding. If you have concerns about this or questions about whether a song is appropriate please speak with the Director of Music or the Minister.


Minister’s honorarium:   $200

Organist’s honorarium:  $200 plus $30 if accompanying a soloist

Custodian’s honorarium:  $75

Sanctuary: $350

All fees are set by the Session, the ruling body of the church.  We would suggest that the night of the rehearsal is an appropriate time to give the various honoraria to those involved.  We would ask for separate envelopes.  For those who have no connection with St. Andrew’s we would also request that they donate $300* to the church for the use of the building.

* rates subject to change

Other Information


No confetti is allowed in the church or on the church property.  To avoid confusion, this will be announced.

Video Cameras

Videotaping of the entire marriage service is permitted.  We ask that the designated video camera(s) be placed where they are not intrusive.  Lights may not be used.  For specific suggestions on where the cameras may be placed, either the minister or custodian can help.


We welcome photographs while the bride is coming down the aisle, during the signing of the wedding register, and while the couple is leaving the church.  In keeping with the fact that this is a service of worship, we would ask that no photographs be taken during the actual service itself (from the Call to Worship to the Benediction).  Arrangements can be made to pose certain events after the service is complete.  To avoid confusion, it will be announced that no photographs may be taken during the actual wedding ceremony itself.

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