In my own devotional time I have been  reading the Book of Ruth. Ruth’s words to Naomi in chapter 1: 16-17 caused me to reflect on much of the global crisis in a new way. In a manner that disregards self-interest for the needs of others. Ruth embodies the element of personal sacrifice, but more importantly of selflessness. By leaving her own country to follow Naomi, Ruth is willing to give up a part of her self to gain something more. To maintain a family.

In a day and age where consumerism and a ‘me’ first culture rule our pleasures, Ruth’s decision to follow Naomi is a breath of fresh air. Her desire to call Naomi’s people her people is something we have lost in a world which is ruled by geo-political and economic interests.

How might we reconnect, locally and globally, with all of God’s people?


Gracious and loving God,
Your goodness is all around us,
You feed our very souls,
In you we find comfort and rest. 
However, there are times when we are distraught,
Times when we are confused and uncertain. 
We know suffering and injustice occur in the world,
We struggle with how to bring your light to the world.
Too often we are distracted,
And we fail to act as you would have us.
Today, at this time renew our sense of purpose.
Today, at this time strength our resolve.
Eternal God, we are inspired by your servant Ruth.
Create in us a spirit which seeks to go where you call us.
A spirit which seeks to call all people our brothers and sisters.
In doing so we pray that your church is strengthened,
that your peace and justice might be realized.
For we ask this and seek to serve
Only in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Text: Ruth 1: 16-17

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