burning-bushThe story of Moses’ call from God is an iconic story. The Burning Bush transcends past Christianity and into popular culture. However, at its core is a story about great faith and trust. God does not equip Moses for ministry the way we might like to be equipped for a ministry that we embark on as a church community. Rather God provides Moses with one assurance, “I will be with you.”

Armed with this assurance and God’s name I Am Who I Am, Moses goes forward to fulfill the call that God has placed before him.

It is a story of courageous faith; to trust that God has already equipped us and that God will continue to be with us. As you read through this story from Exodus keep the following questions in mind:

  • Was Moses waiting for God to call him?
  • How would you react to God calling you in this way?
  • What elements of worship do you find embedded within this story?
  • Do you exhibit the same fear and reverence towards God that Moses does?
  • Do you trust that God is with you?

Text: Exodus 3: 1-15

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