build-my-churchOur Gospel passage for this Sunday is well known. Peter’s confessional statement in Matthew 16: 13-20 about Jesus is a cornerstone of Christian faith. Jesus’ reply to Peter is just a foundational. Jesus will build his church upon that rock.

The statement that Jesus makes has been a point of contention between different Christians over time. The Roman Catholic church interprets Jesus’ statement as grounds for Apostolic Succession. The current Pope can trace their authority right back to this statement. Protestant’s have a different view of Jesus’ words. Rather than seeing Apostolic Succession Protestant’s see Peter’s confession of faith as being what Jesus will build his church on.

Regardless of your view about Apostolic Succession it is clear that something very powerful is occurring in our passage. After Peter’s statement of faith Jesus ties the Kingdom of Heaven to the Church.

For us today there are many subtle clues in our passage about what it means to be a Follower of Christ.

A Prayer of Illumination

Eternal God,

As we approach your word today, open our hearts and minds to your teaching.

Allow your word to fill and consume us; allow your word to transform us.

We ask this in the name of the Word made Flesh. Amen.

Text: Matthew 16: 13-20

In preparation for Sunday read over the passage and then consider the following questions:

  • What is the significance of verses 13 and 20?
    • How do these two verses fit together?
  • Who will build the Church?
  • Who does the Church belong to?
    • What is the implication for us?

Sunday worship begins at 10:30 am, all are welcome. Refreshments will follow in Campbell Hall. Nursery Care is available for parents with young children.


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