the-f-wordOur Gospel lesson this week continue’s to focus on the teaching that Jesus had for the church. We find ourselves towards the end of a segment on forgiveness. Last week we discussed what forgiveness, grace and reconciliation looked like. This week as we read Matthew 18: 21-35 we will continue to focus on forgiveness. However, we will move from the process of how we might seek forgiveness and reconciliation and consider forgiveness from the point of view of disciples of Christ.

Forgiveness, love and grace are major themes within Christianity, Jesus spoke of them a great deal. We are called to forgive not just from occasion to occasion but as a part of who and what we are. The teaching we have from Jesus indicates that in building up his church, Jesus knew that continual acts of forgiveness would be required.

For Sunday consider the following questions:

  • Have you ever had a loan you could not repay?
    • How did you feel? Was the loan forgiven?
  • Does this parable place a limit on God’s ability to forgive?
  • Why did the king forgive the servants debt, but not the servants treatment of other servants?

A Prayer for Sunday:

coffee-with-jesus-forgiveLoving God, allow me to understand the depths of your love. Create in me a spirit of forgiveness that mirrors the wonderful act of forgiveness I have received in Jesus Christ. In His name, Amen.

Text: Matthew 18: 21-35

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