matthew21-angusdayWhat is the difference between intent and action?

Is someone who intends to do a good deed, but does not follow through still a good person?

What about an individual who had not intention of doing good, but then does it anyway?

In our passage this morning Jesus is being questioned by the Chief Priests and elders in the temple. They are asking him questions about his authority. Questions that relate directly to his previous actions of clearing the temple. The Chief Priests and elders want to know where Jesus’ authority comes from. Jesus chooses to respond to them in the form of a question. A question which if answered correctly will also provide the answer to the question they have asked.

As you prepare for Sunday consider what Jesus’ divine authority means to you in your own life. Below are some questions about our text which will help prepare you for worship.

Text: Matthew 21: 23-32

  • On whose authority did John baptise?
  • Did the Chief Priests and elders answer the question about the two sons correctly?
  • Why couldn’t the Chief Priests and elders make the connection between John’s baptism and the parable of the two sons?
  • What does Jesus teach us about our motivations and actions in this passage?

Prayer for Sunday

Eternal God, we give you thanks for your word in holy scripture. As we prepare for worship this Sunday we ask that you walk along side us as we consider your word, its implications on our life and how we can better serve you and the needs of your kingdom. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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