three-handsThis Sunday we will reflect on Matthew 18: 15-20. This is a passage that many churches including our own use to determine how conflict, disagreement and sinful behaviour by members should be handled. Jesus provides a model for us that is well laid out and makes sense in its execution. However, if we only follow out the letter of the law that Jesus prescribes for us we will never reach true understanding or forgiveness.

Throughout his ministry Jesus was concerned with the relationship between people and proper attitudes. He was not concerned with following laws and rituals simply for the sake of following laws and rituals. In fact he frequently spoke out against that type of behaviour. Jesus was interested in our motivations. So when Jesus prescribes a code of conduct for us that includes a consequence we should sit up and take notice. We should ask ourselves what is going on here? Is there another message hidden in Jesus’ words?

As you prepare for worship this Sunday consider the following questions:

  • What does it mean to be forgiven?
  • Why does Jesus reference the Gentile and the tax collector?
  • What does it mean to gather as the body of Christ?

A prayer for Sunday:

Gracious God, guide my thoughts. Allow your word to work in me and through me as I seek to grow in my walk with you. In Jesus name, Amen.

Text: Matthew 18: 15-20

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