prayer-handsOver the course of the next week we will head to the polls to elect new leaders for Cobourg. Across Ontario this action will be played out in other city. Each city has its own concerns and problems. A variety of candidates have come forward with how they feel these challenges can best be handled.

We are called by God to be good stewards of creation. However, we recognize that as Christians we cannot do everything. Therefore in prayer, with guidance from scripture we put our trust in political candidates who we pray will work for our community in a way that can assist in ushering in the kingdom.

Eternal God, you alone are the Lord of creation. It is you who put the stars in their place, who raised up the mountains and placed the waters in the sea. You filled creation with every creature and you counted it all as good. You have placed a sacred trust before us: that we take care of the world that you have created. We pray that we are continually guided by your word as we seek to live out that trust.

We will soon vote for new leaders in our community. Guide our decisions we pray O God. Do not let our decisions be guided by the persuasions of this world, but by the values we find in your kingdom. May our decisions help usher in your kingdom here on Earth. As we vote let us not only swayed by the promise of lower taxes and better services. Let us keep the plight of the poor and the homeless before us. In our decisions may we remember the least of these so that our communities can be equitable and founded on your great justice and mercy.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, the one who is our peace. Amen.

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