prayer-handsAs we move about the busyness of our days we do not often stop and pause to reflect on God. If we are honest with ourselves God is an after thought in the activities that comprise our daily lives. We acknowledge, believe and know that God is with us but we seldom give God praise during the day.

Today in the busyness of life, stop and pause. Take a moment to set aside your current task and spend a few minutes alone with God in prayer.

Eternal God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I give you thanks and praise today. For you are the author of creation and the architect of all things. Your creative breath brought the universe forth,  you nourish me through your Word and through the power of your Spirit I am sustained.

Therefore, I seek to honour you and praise you. I desire to set time aside to sit in the silence of your presence and know your holy radiance. Be still my soul, quiet my thoughts, erase for this moment the concerns and cares of the world. At this time fill me and consume me, during this moment let me be intimately aware of you and how you are at work in me.

Loving God, I pray that my thoughts be of you and that my actions be directed by your will. That I live a life of compassion, inspired by your grace and the teachings of your son Jesus Christ. May his way be my way at this time and always.

Thank you God for hearing my prayer. Thank you for sitting with me, for working with me and through me in all aspects life. I acknowledge that you are my guide, my rock and my redeemer and I give you my thanks. Amen.

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