prayer-handsWe have celebrated Thanksgiving. A time when we are deeply thankful for what God has provided us with. It is a time that we spend with family and friends. We enjoy good food and fellowship. However, it is also a busy time full of hosting duties or travel. Today as you come to God in prayer, do so with a thankful heart. However, today we also ask God to grant us rest so that we can keep doing the work that God calls us towards.

We thank you God, for all there is to enjoy:

the beauty of land, sea and sky,
the wonders that we find in nature,
the company of friends and family,
hobbies, literature, music, painting and other pursuits,
the ability to look back and reminisce
and the excitement of looking forward to new opportunities.

For all these things we give you thanks and we pray that we are mindful of how blessed we are to enjoy the bounty of creation.

Loving God we pray for those who carry great responsibilities, that they may be able at times to shed their load and enjoy leisure. For those who have to work long and hard hours, that they may find a better balance between work and home. For those who struggle to raise children and for those who care for elderly parent. Allow us to find joy in difficult moments, laughter when tears threaten and always to see your grace in our midst.

Gracious God, allow us to find the rest and peace that only you can provide. The peace that comes from Jesus Christ. Amen.

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