matthew-22-word-cloudGenealogy is a fascinating subject. Exploring family history, origin stories, discovering quirky facts and new relationships. The exploration of our ancestry teaches us something about ourselves and where we come from. We learn about family feuds and we uncover secrets that might otherwise be lost.

In our passage from Matthew’s gospel this week Jesus asks those assembled whose son the Messiah is.

The response comes as expected that the Messiah is the son of David. A correct response, but Jesus follows it up asking why David calls the Messiah Lord?

It is a question that was meant to challenge the priorities who were with Jesus that day. To ask if they truly understood what the Messiah was meant to do.

Today we read this same passage and the question Jesus posed so long ago requires that we also evaluate what having Jesus as the Messiah in our life means to us.

Text: Matthew 22:43-46

Questions to consider as you prepare for worship on Sunday:

  • What is the relationship between loving God and loving our neighbour?
  • In verse 46 we read that from that day forward no one asked Jesus anymore questions, why do you suppose that happened?
    • What was their reasoning for not asking any more questions?
  • How do the two stories in this section of Matthew relate to one another?

A Prayer as you prepare to read God’s word:

Almighty God, reveal your word to me this day. May your message in scripture be made known to me, guide my thoughts and prepare my heart to receive your word. In Jesus name I ask, Amen.

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