luke-1-38What does it mean to wait?

In a society where everything is “On Demand” what does it mean to sit down and wait?

Advent is about preparing for and waiting for the birth of Christ.

Yet, in the midst of waiting we are surrounded and sucked up into the busyness that is the Christmas season. Dinners, parties, gathering with old friends and new. All the while we wait for the birth of Christ. When Christmas day finally arrives we are almost surprised to realize that Christ has been born. It almost catches us unprepared.

In the gospel lesson this week Luke introduces us to Mary and Gabriel’s message to her. Mary wasn’t prepared for the message she was going to receive, yet within the text we get a sense that Mary was content to let it be.

I leave you with a few questions, some music by the Beatles and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Text: Luke 1: 26-38

Questions to Consider:

  • How is Mary described in this passage?
    • How would you describe Mary?
  • How does the news of Mary’s promise of pregnancy compare to other similar biblical stories (Hannah, Sarah, Rachel)?


Prayer for Sunday:

Heavenly Father, during this season of advent I pray that your love be known to me. Allow me to find a measure of your peace and grace within the story of Mary. May I, like her, be willing to let your word and your will rule in my life. Amen.

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