mark-1-29-39-angus-dayWhat does a day’s work look like?

Perhaps if you are a doctor it is arriving at your practice, seeing patients, and prescribing remedies.

A contractor might follow plans drafted up by another individual and ensure that a building or other project is completed.

A police officer would enforce the local laws, keep the peace and ensure that people were safe.

These three examples are general illustrations¬†of what one person’s work day might look like. No two doctor’s, contractor’s or police officer’s would have exactly the same day, but we have a general sense of what others do for a living.

In our reading from Mark for this Sunday we get a sense of what Jesus did on any given day. His day was filled with worship, teaching, healing, fellowship and prayer.

Text: Mark 1: 29-39

Questions for Sunday:

  • What impression does this story give you about Jesus?
  • Do you feel there is anything lacking in your own work day (for those retired, in your days of leisure)?
  • How might you include moments of praise and prayer into your day?

Prayer for Sunday:

Eternal God, hope springs from you. As I live my life I pray that you would guide my thoughts and my actions. Allow me to praise your holy name in all that I do. In Jesus name. Amen.

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