genesis-9The story of the Flood narrative in Genesis deals with God’s divine wrath and anger at humanity. So angry is God that a decision is made to start over. To flood the Earth and wipe everything out except for one small family and a handful of each living creature. However, along the way something changes.

By the end of the story God recognizes that a flood of this magnitude should not happen again. A covenant is arranged, a covenant which is set for all generations. Never again will the Earth be flooded.

However, every once and a while the flood waters do rise. They are not of a divine nature, but often of our own doing. Economic crisis, political crisis, and the specter of war which confronts so many places of our planet. The flood of uncertainty is before us and we are left wondering what we should do. How should we respond?

Text: Genesis 9: 8-17

Questions for Sunday:

  • Does anything strike you as interesting about the covenant God makes with Noah?
  • How does the flood narrative make you feel about God?

Prayer for Sunday:

Heavenly Father, there are many storms in life. I am uncertain as to which way the tides will take me. During this season of Lent allow me to focus on my relationship with you. Create in me a clean heart and allow me to share the good news about your son Jesus Christ in whose name I pray. Amen.

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