prayer-handsToday, March 17, is St. Patrick’s day. While the meaning of St. Patrick’s day has been lost and replaced by a desire to consume alcohol, a quick look at the life of St. Patrick indicates this was not always the case. St. Patrick is noted for bringing Christianity to Ireland. However, it is the manner in which this evangelism is done that is of great note.

Patrick was taken as a slave from his native home in Britain to Ireland. Upon his escape he entered the priesthood. He later decided to return to the land where he was held captive to proclaim the Good News, establishing many churches and monasteries. Patrick chose love and grace over vengeance and hate.

Today, whether you lift a cup or not, remember that it is love and grace that should inspire us.

Eternal God,
If we made ourselves as open
And available as your saints of old,
We could accomplish wonderful deeds in your name.

You have asked us to dream dreams
And to be inspired by your visions.
Let your voice be known to us.

Be patient with us loving God,
For we confuse the voice of the world for your voice.
We seek to follow our own desires instead of yours.

Calm our hearts;
Still our minds;
Let our focus be you.

Allow your grace and love
To rule in our lives
And be reflected when we meet others. Amen.

*Prayer adapted from “Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals”.

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