lent-5As we draw closer to the events of Easter we are confronted with questions surrounding the death and life of Jesus. As we reflect on death and life in relation to Jesus, we should also consider how we are also drawn into the conversation. In John’s gospel lesson for this week we read, “Whoever serves me must follow me, and where I am, there will my servant be also. Whoever serves me, the Father will honor.”

Where are we following Jesus to? As we reflect on this passage during Lent we realize that Jesus is travelling towards the cross.

His disciples are still in denial about this fact. How much denial do we hold about this event. What part of us rebels at the notion of Christ’s death on the cross? Is it his death that we find distasteful or that Jesus asked us to follow him?

Our passage speaks a great deal towards discipleship and its costs. It is not easy thing to be a follower of Jesus. Being a servant of the Living God is not always about bliss and joy. Christianity is grounded in the reality that there is suffering, disparity and injustice in the world. Jesus challenged the status quo about these institutions.

As followers of Christ today are we also willing to challenge these same institutions?

Text: John 12: 20-33

Question for Sunday:

  • What does being a follower of Jesus mean to you?

Prayer for Sunday:

Heavenly Father, we follow in the footsteps of your son Jesus Christ. We seek to serve him. We seek to bring you honour and praise in all that we do, in work and in deed. Bless us during this time of Lent as we journey with Jesus towards the cross. Amen.


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