prayer-handsToday’s prayer is for two very different concerns, in two very different parts of the world.

A few days ago Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake. Much of the infrastructure in Nepal has been damaged or destroyed and it will take years to rebuild. This speaks nothing of the loss of life that has occurred in this country. You can read more about how the Presbyterian Church in Canada through PWS&D is supporting the relief effort in Nepal.

The City of Baltimore in the USA has erupted in violence and riots due to the death of a man in police custody. We pray that there would be no further loss of life and that all sides would step back from paths of violence and harm.

Gracious God, we are overwhelmed and uncertain about events that have transpired this week. We pray for the people of Nepal as they seek to recover from a devastating earthquake and its aftershocks. Be with those individuals and emergency response teams as they seek to minister to the earthquake victims. Be with those who have lost loved ones due to this disaster, provide them with your comfort and assure them of the promise that is found in your son Jesus Christ. Guide the leaders of this nation that good decisions are made as they continue to search for those lost and begin the process of recovery and rebuilding. Guard the many missionaries and aid workers who now travel to Nepal, exposing themselves to danger, as they seek to minister to the suffering.

Heavenly Father, we also pray for the city of Baltimore. Indeed Lord we pray for many of your cities where we continue to see injustice and oppression. We pray for the family of Freddie Gray that your peace would be known to them during this turbulent and troubling time. Allow all individuals to realize that more violence is not the solution. That violence can only continue to tear apart communities, that violence will only build more walls of mistrust. Allow your peace, mercy, justice and righteousness to be known and felt by all. Allow us to remember the commandment your son gave us to follow and though in situations such as this we recognize just how hard it is to love our neighbour, it is what you have called us to do.

We lift these prayers up to you now and we ask them in the name of the one who died that we might live, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

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