treeThroughout scripture we find numerous promises made by God. From Noah and Abraham to the writing of Paul in the New Testament, scripture abounds with God’s promise. This Sunday we will look at another promise made by God which is found in the Book of Ezekiel.

Ezekiel was a prophet and he wrote during what is known as the exilic period. During this time the Israelites have been conquered by the Babylonian Empire and many people have been forced to live in Babylon. Ezekiel writes to us of God’s promise even in the midst of exile.

Today in North America we are as far as one can get from being a conquered people. The concept of living in exile is very foreign to most people who live in Canada. Yet, there are other ways which the theme of exile can emerge from within our culture.

Text: Ezekiel 17: 22-24

Questions for Sunday:

  • What themes of exile are present within Canadian society today?
  • How should we understand God’s promise to humanity in the midst of exile?

Prayer for Sunday:

O holy God, I come before you in prayer today. I have travelled far in my search for you and  your peace. Guide my steps as I continue to learn of you. Help me to recognize your promise in my life. In Jesus name, Amen.

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