prayer-handsHere in Canada we have entered into a Federal Election. On October 19th Canadians will head to the polls and elect the next government for our nation. Many people today feel that politics and religion should not mix. That churches should keep to praying and worship and leave politics to others.

However, I do not feel that this is the case. By saying this I am not indicating that the church should set public policy. The Christian Church is too diverse in its opinion on a variety of issues for that to ever be a realistic outcome. That being said it is still important for the Church to be aware of and involved in issues of governance and the most vital way that we can do so is through prayer.

Our prayer today focuses on God’s will for our nation.

God of power and might, wisdom and mercy,
through you justice is rightly directed.
Your holy laws have established you as right and good.

Send your Spirit of wisdom to be with the political candidates in Canada.
May they debate the issues facing us with candor and honesty.
Grant that petty insults and slander will not rule the day.

Allow us who reside in this beautiful country to take seriously the privilege of voting.
Through prayer and discussion may we come to an understanding of how you wish this nation to be governed.
Allow us to make our decisions with honesty and integrity.

This we ask through our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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