wisdomWe continue our series on James this Sunday. The opening verse from our passage has James asking the following question, “Who is wise and understanding among you?” An interesting question that might find some individuals boasting of their worthiness and perhaps others pointing out the wisdom they see in their peers.

A natural follow up question might be how do we define wise? Or what does it mean to be understanding?

Do we attribute wisdom to people based on their position within society or based on the qualities they demonstrate as they live their lives?

James does provide us with an explanation of where he felt wisdom and understanding was found. He writes those who are gentle, pure, peaceful and full of mercy. In making his case about wisdom James is quick to point out that there are two types of wisdom: that which is found in this world and wisdom from heaven.

What similarities might we find in our daily lives to the way James contrasts these two sources of wisdom?

Text: James 3:13 – 4:3, 7-8

Questions for Sunday

  • How do wisdom and good works interact with one another?
  • Both James and Paul write about Good Fruits (Galatians 5:22-23), how can we encourage these qualities in others?

Prayer for Sunday

Gracious God, I cast aside all worldly wisdom. I seek to live within your will and be guided by your wisdom. Amen.

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