everywhereIf you have been watching the news, reading the paper or scrolling through social media you know that the past few days have been difficult ones. With attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad we are reminded that all of the world is embroiled in conflict. Japan experienced an earthquake of its coast and Mexico recovering from Hurricane Patricia has also experienced an earthquake.

All of these events leave us reeling. We are unsure where to put our focus, we do not know how to help. Who is in the most need? What can my prayers, my small donation make? Should I react in fear by isolating myself or do I respond in love and make myself vulnerable?

What does the world need?

As Christians we approach difficult and trying times through prayer. Not because we believe our prayer will change the course of the world. Not because we believe it will stop an earthquake from occurring or a bomb from exploding. We prayer because it offers discernment, prayer draws us closer to God and it informs us that we need to respond.

All the world is hurting, please pray.

When you have finished praying find a way to respond in peace, kindness and love. Then continue to pray.

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