new-year-prayerGracious God,
In your wisdom you created all things and called them good.
We have come from celebrating the birth of your Son
And we recognize the promise that his life brings to all people.

Thank you for the blessings you have provided us this past year;
For your constant love and mercy.
This past year has been a difficult one with many challenges to overcome.
We have witnessed injustice, war, poverty, hunger and fear.
We acknowledge that these things exist in the world
And we pray and strive for a world which would overcome the divisions between us.

As we stand on the door of a New Year we ask for your blessing once again.
Allow us to join our light to yours in a dark world.
May our light shine to all people of your goodness and mercy.
May peace be proclaimed to the nations.
May the captives be set free and the hungry fed.

Bless the work of your people we pray O God,
That your Kingdom may come,
That your justice be done.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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