advent-joy-candlesUpon first brush, John’s scathing speech in Luke’s gospel might turn us off reading further. John calls those who are coming to be baptized a ‘brood of vipers!’ Are we sure that this is the individual we want to prepare the way for the Messiah?

The gospel writers make it clear that John the Baptist does indeed come to prepare the way for us to receive Jesus. Not Jesus’ birth, but Jesus’ earthly ministry. It seems odd that during Advent, as we prepare for the birth of Jesus, that our gospel reading deals with how to prepare for Jesus’ ministry. The truth is we can’t have one without the other. While the birth of Jesus is often viewed as a pastoral event it did have cosmic repercussions.

Which brings us back to the initial question: What is it all about? This is what the crowds wanted to know when they asked John the Baptist ‘What then should we do?’

This Sunday these are the question that we will explore: What is it all about and what then should we do.

Text: Luke 3: 7-18

Questions for Sunday

  • After reading Luke’s gospel for this Sunday what do you think it is all about?
  • How is the message of John the Baptist similar to the one Jesus proclaimed, how is it different?

Prayer for Sunday

Heavenly Father, as I journey through Advent I pray that I will be prepared to receive your son. Let your Spirit of truth and love echo in all that I do. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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