space-adoration-prayerLoving God, at the dawn of creation it was your Spirit which hovered over the waters. Your voice echoed through the darkness and brought forth light. A light which shines in the darkness and which will not go out.

You set the stars in their place, your hands shaped the mountains and in your wisdom you set the rivers upon their path. All things trace their origin to you. So much is beyond our knowing and we stand in awe at the beauty which you have created.

We marvel at the rising and the setting of the sun. At the crisp breeze which reminds us of your Spirit. The cool taste of water refreshes us and reminds us that in you we are made whole. We praise your holy name and seek to worship you.

Almighty God, your love sustains us, empowers us and moves us work for the glory of your kingdom. It was in love that you sent your son and with that same love you demonstrated to us how wrong we have been in the way we treat one another.

Merciful God, we seek to share the story of your love. That all generations, all people might hear of your mighty works. That they might witness your love and feel your presence in their lives.

Grant that we might faithfully share the good news of the gospel. Embolden us so that your work of redemption might be continued as you seek to bring forth the kingdom. In Jesus name, Amen.

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