We are still early enough in the year where the subject of resolutions comes up. At the New Year we resolve to make changes in our lives. Many of these changes revolve around our health. We decide to eat better and exercise more. It is probably safe to say that while many people succeed at these resolutions, many other people do not. Deciding to eat better and exercise more require large whole sale change in our lives. They also require a support system, which if missing, will derail our efforts.

This Sunday is Transfiguration Sunday and the last Sunday before Lent begins. In Luke’s gospel Jesus, along with Peter, John and James, ascends a mountain to pray. While on the mountain, Jesus is transfigured. That is to say, his physical appearance changes and he is surrounded by a bright and dazzling light. For Peter, John and James this is a mountain top experience. They are witnesses to this change in Jesus and they hear the voice of the almighty declaring that Jesus is his son.

This gospel account requires us to ask what change means. What does it mean to understand the change that Jesus has on our lives? How are we different after witnessing such change? Can the change that occurs in us be sustained?

Text: Luke 9: 28-36

Questions for Sunday

  • What change does being a Christian have on your life?
  • What support systems do you have to sustain this change?
  • What does it feel like when you come down from the mountain top?

Prayer for Sunday

Loving God, help us to live as changed people. May the light we witness in your son Jesus Christ burn brightly for all to see. Allow our lives to be a witness for your desire to have all people live in the light of your love. In Jesus name, Amen.

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