pentecostOn Sunday we celebrate Pentecost, the time in the Christian year when we mark the arrival of the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised that one would come after him, the Advocate which would be with the disciples. In Acts we witness the arrival of the Holy Spirit which arrives with rushing wind and tongues of fire.

It is a spectacular image and it reminds us of God’s awesome and transforming¬†power. That all people could understand one another, could speak in different languages as the Spirit gave them ability. This story reminds me of God’s ability to transcend barriers and bring people together.

Join us this Sunday as we explore the presence and person of the Holy Spirit.

Text: John 14: 8-17 & Acts 2: 1-21

Questions for Sunday

  • What do you believe the role of the Holy Spirit is?
  • What do you find most interesting in the scripture passage from Acts?
    • Why?

Prayer for Sunday

Come Holy Spirit, come. Transform my life, challenge my living and guide me towards God’s paths of righteousness. I give thanks for your awesome presence which sustains and nurtures me each day. In Jesus name, Amen.

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