revelation-22This Sunday is our final look at Revelation and the message that it brings to us. Over the past few Sunday’s we have seen that Revelation is primarily a book of the Bible which emphasises worship and encourages the body of Christ to persevere. This Sunday we will look at some of the final verses of Revelation and consider the message that is brought to us. How do the words found at the end of the Bible influence our living today? How do they impact the whole of scripture?

Text: Revelation 22: 12-14, 16-17, 20-21

Questions for Sunday

  • What are your thoughts on Revelation?
  • Do you find this book of the Bible to be comforting?
    • Why or why not?

Prayer for Sunday

Gracious God, you are the Alpha and the Omega, the Lord of my life. I ask your blessing upon all that I do. That it might be pleasing to you and bring about the purposes of your kingdom. In Jesus name, Amen.

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