prayer-hands-mother-teresaGracious God,
A day comes
When we must face the fact
That the curve of our life sweeps downward.
If misfortune falls upon us, its sign are sudden.
We are not thinking of the swift blows of drastic change.
We would talk with you of the day
That is like yesterday,
And also like tomorrow.
Lord, help us make life worthwhile.

God, the understanding we gain, little by little,
The knowing that promotions are at and end
That work is almost over,
The knowing that we have given our children
All we can of wisdom, help, gifts,
The knowing that their homes may need to receive us,
The knowing that,
As we have made others happy,
We also have made them unhappy,
The knowledge, God, we bring to you and ask
Help us make life worthwhile.

When the reflective moment comes,
Its meaning whole
And clearly felt,
When this time comes, God
Be close to us
For no tomorrow need be like today
Since you can transform
Our life’s experience
On the instant,
And by your grace
Restore us to life’s purpose
In restoring us to you.
God, help us make life worthwhile. Amen.

  • Adapted from Spilled Milk: Litanies for Living by Kay Smallzried, 1964

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