discipleshipWhat does it mean to follow Jesus?

A simple question which has a multitude of answers. There are a variety of ways which we could approach this question. On Sunday we will approach the issue of discipleship through Luke’s gospel. In our gospel text for Sunday Jesus encounters opposition in Samaria and has sharp words for those who would follow him.

There are two themes which come out of this passage which I would encourage you to consider and pray about as your prepare for worship on Sunday. The first is the call of Jesus towards non-violence. This is lived out when Jesus rebukes James and John and their call to destroy Samaria. A reminder that the message of Jesus is for all people, even those who turn away from Jesus.

The second theme is the cost of following Jesus. If we read Luke’s gospel literally we are not to own property, bury our dead or say good bye to families. We are simply to begin a life of discipleship. This means that 99% of Christians are getting the act of discipleship wrong or that Jesus is trying to communicate something else to us.

Text: Luke 9: 51-62

Questions for Sunday

  • How does the call of non-violence by Jesus clash with many of our modern practices?
  • What is Jesus really saying when he tells one man that the ‘dead will bury themselves’?

Prayer for Sunday

Gracious God, grant me the wisdom to see the call you have placed on my life. Allow me to follow you in grace and truth. May your kingdom expand through my living and acts of service. For these things are done for your benefit and glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

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