earthIf I asked you to describe your whole world what would you say?

Would you define your world as the space you inhabit, the house you live in, the job that you have?

Would your whole world consist of your family and friends?

Perhaps you might include the issues you find important and the organizations you support.

Each of us might respond to the question of what is our whole world different. In our gospel lesson for Sunday the question of what is your whole world is asked. At first glance we might think that this is simply a healing miracle, which it is. However, closer examination demonstrates that there is more going on in the story than we in Canada might realize.

Question for Sunday

  • Describe your whole world.

Prayer for Sunday

Creator God, you made the heavens and the Earth. In your image you shaped us and through your son Jesus Christ you restored us to proper relationship with you. All this you did for us, though we never asked for your help. Indeed, time after time we chose to turn our back on you rather than to live in your love and grace. Amen.

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