more-love-less-hateThe violence we continue to do to one another must end. The recent shooting in Orlando horrifies us and in its events we see true evil. As people, as Christians we must rise above our differences, our intolerance, our dislikes and recognize that Jesus called us to love one another, just as he loved us.

The events in Orlando are about more than gun control and more than extremism. It is about the fundamental need to learn how to get along. To move past differences and to not allow apathy to set in. We need to do better, we know how to do better.

We must¬†love one another even in the face of persecution and hatred. We must stand up for a better world and we must be active in creating that world. As things stand now all we are doing is failing ourselves and our brothers and sisters. It simply won’t do.

We must do better, we must put an end to the cycles of violence, hatred, bigotry, intolerance and embrace one another in love. The current way is not working and so we must find another way to engage one another.

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Canada provided words and prayer in the wake of events in Orlando.

My prayer is that the all the prayer and kind thoughts for the victims, families and friends of this event in Orlando would turn us to action. Let’s create a better world, we all deserve it.

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