morning-prayerGracious God,
As I wake to face the day I acknowledge that I am unaware of what will challenge me,
Of who will cross my path, or of what beauty I may experience.

What I do know is that you are my rock and my refuge.
My every present helper during times of need.
You are my shield and my strong tower,
In you I place my trust.

Teach me your ways that I may stand up against injustice
And may pursue the course of peace by loving all people I meet.
Give me the courage to accept all that I encounter
And the passion to share your grace with others.

Thank you for loving me and providing for me.
I recognize that I will fall short,
That I will not meet the standard your Son set.
But I shall strive to lead a life which brings you honour
And I would humbly ask your forgiveness when I falter.

Loving God it is indeed a pleasure to walk with you. Amen.

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