little-thingsLife is made of little moments that when added together comprise the whole of our existence. We don’t live event to event, but moment to moment. We may not often count the time, but as it passes by our life becomes full and rich.

Jesus makes a statement to the disciples and in doing so calls them a ‘little flock’. At first glance it may seem insulting: Why call the disciples a little flock? What is Jesus insinuating with this comment? Have the disciples failed and is this a way for Jesus to chide them for their behaviour?

As always we are tasked with peeling back the layers that we find in the gospel to understand what God is saying to us today. This Sunday we will spend an inordinate amount of time looking at just who Jesus was calling little and what his statement to the disciples means.

Text: Luke 12: 32-40

Questions for Sunday

  • Should the disciples have been insulted by Jesus calling them a little flock?
  • Is there an inconsistency between Jesus’ first statement and those that come afterwards?

Prayer for Sunday

God of all hope, be gracious to me as I seek to live my life. The promise of your kingdom is great, so great I have trouble grasping its implications for my life. How should I act, what should I say? Are my desires helpful or do they lead me away from your holy purpose? Guide me in all things that I do that they might be pleasing to you. Amen.

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