prayerPrayer is a challenging aspect of Christian devotional life. Challenging because it can often feel like a one way conversation. We don’t benefit from an active voice from God responding directly to our prayers in the same way that a spouse, child, parent or friend might.

This can make our conversations with God difficult. We wonder what the point is. If we turn to God in prayer during moments of desperation the apparent lack of response might force us to ask “what is the point?”

Of course this not how God wants us to feel. God encourages us to pray and enjoys it when we pray. Our task is to get out of our own head space long enough to realize that God is at work in our lives. Often in surprising ways!

Text: Luke 18: 1-8

Questions for Sunday

  • What does the parable of the widow and unjust judge teach us about prayer?
  • How could you improve your own prayer life?


Gracious God, teach me to pray. Let my voice join your voice, that I might find peace of mind. Encourage me in my faith and in active prayer let me seek out your justice. Amen.

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