golgothaSometimes the biggest words are the smallest. Big words might convey a complicated thought or idea, but little words often contain a depth and range of meaning. This Sunday we will look at the little word ‘if’ and consider the implications that this word had on the ministry of Jesus. 

Sunday is Christ the King Sunday, where we celebrate the kingship of Christ. We recognize Jesus as the only head and king of the church. Outside of the monarchy we do not often think of kings anymore. But what does it mean for us celebrate Jesus as our king? What implications does that have on our lives? Do we live as changed people under the light of this knowledge?

Text: Luke 23: 33-43

Questions for Sunday

  • Have you ever asked yourself a question that began with ‘if’?
  • What are your thoughts about the two thieves who hung on crosses at the side of Jesus?

Prayer for Sunday

Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom. Amen. 

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