poppyThis Sunday we will observe Remembrance Sunday. Traditionally, this is done on the Sunday before Remembrance Day. It is an opportunity to remember those who served in the Canadian Forces, for the sacrifice that they made on our behalf. 

Though we stand a century away in time from the Great War, other conflicts are on our minds. A decade spent in Afghanistan, Peace Keeping Missions in Rwanda, Bosnia and other parts of the world. We have had on occasion, and will again in the future, the need to summon young men and women to fight for the greater good. The good of both the people of Canada and other citizens of the world. 

As Christians the idea of conflict and violence can be troubling. When we consider the life of Jesus we might label him as a pacifist. He took no joy in violence, teaching to turn the other cheek and asking Peter to put away his sword. We struggle with what appears to be an regrettable necessity, war. When all other options are exhausted is armed conflict acceptable?

The answer to this question won’t be answered in this message or in any one sermon. What we are called to do on Remembrance Sunday is honour the memory of those who sacrificed themselves in conflict, both those who died and those who lived. In honouring their memory, we pray that we will not be condemned to continue to live out the horrors of war. 

Text: John 15: 12-17

Prayer for Sunday

Gracious God, protect those who are called to fight. Deliver them home safely. May they, and we, know your peace. Amen. 

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