Evening prayer or prayer before bed time is a ritual in many homes. Before we tuck our children in to bed we say a prayer with them. The following prayer is one which you could work into your schedule. 

We give you now the day as it has been,
With all its hopes fulfilled and all those deferred.

We give you now the day as it has been,
For all that was done
And all that was left undone.
It is over now
And we leave it in your very capable hands;
It is enough.

Now we give you the night that is ahead of us.
Keep our bodies, minds and spirits in complete safety:
Hold us in the hollow of your hand.

Reveal the night to be yours,
O God of the northern lights!
The night helps us to see the light within each of us.
When we cannot see anything else, you are there. Amen.

Prayer written by Joel Mason, from Celtic Daily Prayer Book Two: Farther Up and Farther In.

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