O God, let me always sing of your many blessings to me.

When my body is tired, so very tired, you energize me. When my mind is confused, you illuminate me. When my heart is broken, you rehabilitate me. When my soul is lost, you renew me.

When I feel depressed and stop hoping, you free me and restore my hope. When I feel immersed in a dark night, you bring me to light.

When I am afraid of everything – afraid to meet others, afraid to leave the comfort of my home, afraid to make a decision, afraid to live the life you have chosen for me – you hold me in your hands and guide me through those who care for me.

When I am irritable, bitter, and resentful, you command me to be meek, sweet, and forgiving. When I am impatient, complaining, and ungrateful, you compel me to learn patience, acceptance, and gratitude form the people you put on my path.

Dear God, I lave my soul, heart, mind, and body in your caring hands. “Only speak the word, and [I] will be healed.” (Mt 8:8). Amen.

  • The Healing Power of Prayer, Jean Maalouf, 2004, p. 69.

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