An open bible with the words Bible Study over top.A new Bible Study will be starting on Wednesday January 24. We will be meeting at 10am in Campbell Hall. The focus of the study is on the Human Sexuality Overtures which have been presented to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. 

The Committee on Church Doctrine has created a study document for congregations to use. While we will not be following the study document, it would be good reading as it will inform the discussion we are having. The study document is rather long and is a fairly ‘heavy’ theological document. 

Instead, we will focus our discussion on some of the traditional texts that have been used by the church to discuss the issue of human sexuality. Each week we will look at a different piece of scripture and consider it from two perspectives.

  1. The current stand point of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. That individuals who identify as LGBTQI can not be ordained as teaching or ruling elder. And that clergy in the PCC may not marry LGBTQI individuals.
  2. A ‘revisionist’ position that is asking the General Assembly to change this position and allow for full inclusion. 

The study document will be helpful in understanding these two positions and their arguments. I would recommend the section of of each document that deals with the ‘six commonly cited scriptures’.

Below is a link to the study document. Copies are also available at the church. The week before the study begins Rev. Ellis will provide a one page synopsis of the study and the scriptures we will be looking at each week. 

Document: Committee on Church Doctrine Study Guide

Download (PDF, 699KB)

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