A special thanks to all the people who helped make our 185th Anniversary a special occasion. 

Saturday evening was a wonderful time enjoying a meal and one another’s company. Thank you to everyone who contributed food to the pot luck and for the many hands which helped clean up and do dishes. 

Hearing the history of the congregation, especially the time of the fire, from Nellie Shaver was a window into the past. 

The music was top notch. From the choir to the congregation, it is wonderful to hear our voices raised in song. 

On Sunday morning the Rev. Barry Van Dusen shared a touching sermon. Reaching right back to our roots in May of 1833, to preaching the same scripture as the inaugural sermon from 1834. The sermon delighted, entertained and informed the congregation about it’s vision as a people of God. 

The choir, solo and guest musicians created avenues for us to express our love of God. 

Thank you to a wonderful community of faith. The future is bright and light of God’s love is shining. 

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