Sunday June 10 will be a special time at St. Andrew’s. During worship we are fortunate to have Safe Harbour join us. Safe Harbour is the adult mentoring choir for the SONG program. 

During worship we will be welcoming new elders into the Session. This is always a special time in the life of the church. As we welcome new elders we also say thank you for those who have finished their term. The congregation elects new elders every two years. Elders are tasked with caring for the pastoral care, christian education and spiritual well being of the congregation. We are thankful for those that God has called to eldership. 

After worship we will be enjoying a lunch, welcoming and thanking our new elders. We will also take a moment to thank Cecilia Morris who is stepping down as the congregation’s envelope secretary. It is also Joy Randall’s 75th birthday on Sunday. What’s a birthday without cake?

We hope that you will stay after church to celebrate these milestones. 

Pushback DocumentaryIn the evening St. Andrew’s is hosting a screening of the documentary Pushback. Pushback focuses on the Warming Room in Peterborough and informs us about the issues of poverty and homelessness in our community. The screening is free and we hope that you will join us at 7pm. See our Facebook Event Page for more information. 

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