Covid-19 Update

by | Mar 14, 2020 | News

Covid-19 Update

In light of the news we are receiving about best practices around Covid-19 (Coronavirus) we have made the decision to suspend worship services at St. Andrew’s until further notice. This is a not a decision made lightly, but has been reflected on in prayer and in many conversations throughout the week.

This isn’t a decision made lightly, as worship God is one of things we were created to do. However, we are also called to love our neighbours and we can best love one another by ensuring that we do our part to limit any spread of this virus.  

Reflections will appear on the church website each Sunday allowing you to access the sermon and stay connected. We will update our website and Facebook page as frequently as necessary during this time. 

At the present time we believe we will model our closure on what we are seeing through the school boards and that the next Sunday that we worship together will be Palm Sunday, April 5th. However, please check back with the website or Facebook site frequently for any updates. We will also be updateing the church voicemail with pertinent information. 

Finally, a reminder that we are a community of faith, called to love and serve one another. There are many who are frightened during this time. Many of our members are vulnerable and at risk. Please check in on one another. Call each other often, ask if anything is needed whether it be food or staples. 

We are a caring community and it is important that we care for each other during this time. 


Rev. Ellis

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Cobourg is part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. The congregation was established in 1833 and continues to serve the community.

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