job-friendsThis Sunday we continue our study on Job. Last week we considered Job’s predicament and examined¬†Suffering and the Question Why. This week we find ourselves in midst of Job’s dialogue with his friends. Our passage this week is a lament from Job. He is lost, he has been searching for God and has not found God anywhere.

Job 23 speaks to hopelessness, feeling lost and the desperation and despair that can ensue. In reading this passage we must acknowledge hard truths about our relationship with God, our expectations of God and of ourselves. In the moment of despair we ask ourselves why is it that we are searching for God and what is the question we really need to ask?

Text: Job 23

Questions for Sunday

  • Can you name a time when circumstances brought you to question God?
  • Have you ever felt the absence of God in your own life?

Prayer for Sunday

Holy God, as I breath I seek you. I long for your comfort, protection and love. Speak to me and remind me of your grace. Keep me safe from the darkness. Amen.

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