job-42On Sunday we take a final look at the Book of Job. We have walked with Job through his suffering and loneliness. We stood in awe at God’s response. This Sunday we will witness Job’s final speech and conclude our study on this piece of scripture.

The conclusion to Job may appear to be too simply. Perhaps it has the appearance of being a fairy tale ending. However, beneath the surface there is a great deal at work. The many issues that the Book of Job forces us to consider are still being worked out.

You may wish to read the Devotionals and Sermons for the preceding weeks to refresh what we have discussed.

Text: Job 42

Questions for Sunday

  • Why does Job repent?
  • Why is it important that Job prays for his friends?
  • Do you like the ending, where Job is restored? Why or why not?

Prayer for Sunday

Gracious God, I pray that your wisdom may be my wisdom. That your goodness may be my goodness. That your ways may be my ways. Walk with me in the darkness and guide me towards your light. In Jesus name. Amen.

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